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Why are epidemic prevention and control measures adjusted? The latest interpretation is coming

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 Chang Jile, Deputy Director of the State Administration for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the press conference held on the 12th of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council that on the basis of the ninth version of the prevention and control plan, the 20 optimization measures have optimized and adjusted the management and control of risk personnel, the delineation of risk areas, the management and control of inbound personnel, medical services and vaccine inoculation, and the prevention and control of key sites. These adjustments are based on the experience summary and relevant assessment data of epidemic prevention and control practices in many places.

For example, the control measures for close contacts were adjusted from "7+3" to "5+3". According to the introduction, the evaluation of the ninth version of the prevention and control program showed that the incubation period gradually shortened with the virus mutation, and the probability of finding positive within 5 days was high. At the same time, considering that the longest incubation period of Omikjon is about 8 days, 3 days of home isolation after 5 days of centralized isolation can maximize risk control.

For another example, no longer determine the tightness of the tight joint. The assessment showed that the close contact population was large, but the risk of infection was very low, and the positive detection rate was only 3.1/100000. Through timely identification and control of close contacts, the risk of tight connection to positive can be reduced. Because the extremely low positive probability causes a large number of people to be controlled, "the lesser of the two evils", so the tight connection of the tight connection is no longer judged.

Also, cancel the judgment of medium risk area. The assessment showed that the positive detection rate of medium risk areas was low, only 3/100000. However, after the designation of the medium risk zone, a large number of people were controlled, travel and mobility were restricted, and a certain amount of grass-roots workers were consumed, so the determination of the medium risk zone was canceled.

Chang Jile said that the 20 optimization measures are not to relax, but to carry out epidemic prevention and control more scientifically, more accurately, more standardized, and more quickly, to control the key risks of the control, implement the implementation in place, and resolutely cancel the cancellation, make full use of resources, improve the efficiency of prevention and control, and better coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

In addition to these optimized measures, other measures are still implemented according to the ninth version of the prevention and control plan. Scientific decision-making is to try to control the epidemic with minimum cost in a shorter time, and to try to reduce the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development and people's livelihood.

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