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China Center for Disease Control and prevention: the five major branches of novel coronavirus are no

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 The joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the scientific and accurate prevention and control of the epidemic situation and answer questions from the media.

Dong Xiaoping, the chief expert of virology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced that new evolutionary branches of virus variation are constantly emerging worldwide, such as BF.15, BA. 5.2 and BA. 5.2.3 of the Omicron variant. The variation of RNA virus genome is a very common natural phenomenon. The virus will have some variations in the process of infection and replication, and these variations are often random. Novel coronavirus belongs to RNA virus. Its genome is composed of nearly 30000 nucleotides. It is a natural phenomenon that one to several nucleotides may be mutated during each replication. On the other hand, the global large-scale use of vaccines and the immune barrier formed by a large number of naturally infected people in a short time will also accelerate the mutation of novel coronavirus.

Since the appearance of the Omicron mutant in November last year, it has formed five major evolutionary branches, from BA. 1 to BA 5. These branches still belong to the scope of Omicron mutant. In the whole observation, its transmission ability, pathogenicity and immune escape ability do differ from branch to branch, but the overall difference is small.

For the variation of novel coronavirus, we pay more attention to the impact on the transmission ability, pathogenicity and immune escape ability. At the same time, not every so-called evolutionary branch or variation will obviously affect the change of the above three abilities. Therefore, it is very critical and important to timely monitor the variation of the virus for timely adjustment of prevention and control strategies and research and development of drugs and vaccines.

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