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Good API industry attracts investors' attention

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 China is a big producer and exporter of API in the world. With the gradual transfer of global API production capacity to the Asia Pacific region and the amplification of production and cost advantages of China's API enterprises, the voice of API industry in the whole industry chain will continue to improve, and the whole industry has considerable prospects. In addition, with the promotion of centralized purchasing policy in recent years, the demand of API market is expected to grow.

According to the report of in depth investigation and investment prospect forecast of China's API industry from 2020 to 2024 issued by China Investment Industry Research Institute, in 2019, China's API market scale has reached 257.929 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 6.4%.
At present, many investors believe that the concentration of profits in the API industry is good, and their attention to related enterprises is also increasing. According to the investor interaction platform, the company's pharmaceutical business integrates R & D, production and sales of APIs and preparations. At present, it mainly focuses on preparations, and the proportion of API business is relatively small. However, with the completion and commissioning of Chongqing Changshou API base and Shaanxi Hanzhong high-end API base, the API business will be further expanded.
In the view of the industry, there is a huge space for the development of API market. However, under the background of medical insurance cost control and environmental protection policy promotion, enterprises with API + Preparation integration mode often have more advantages, because on the one hand, such enterprises can ensure the controllable cost, on the other hand, they can ensure the stable supply, so as to further seize the market share.
In addition, the characteristic API enterprises with high production technology content have certain natural advantages to expand to CMO / cdmo. At present, the domestic cdmo is in the stage of rapid development. It is expected that the API enterprises with the ability to expand to CMO / cdmo will open up growth space.
In the face of a huge blue ocean market, in order to add weight to the API industry, so as to enhance performance and market competitiveness, some pharmaceutical enterprises have also taken relevant measures in recent years. According to incomplete statistics, in less than three months from the beginning of 2021, four kinds of drugs have obtained domestic sales qualification, including celecoxib capsules and sodium bromfenate eye drops, betamethasone sodium phosphate and salmeterol.

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