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2020 YingRui year's meeting

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                                                  Activity flow

1、 Theme of the annual meeting
Deepen the feelings of employees to the enterprise, enhance the communication and exchange between employees, enhance the sense of team cooperation among employees, create a positive working atmosphere within the enterprise, and improve the morale of employees. Let employees have a sense of belonging and identity to the enterprise. We hope that in 2020, all of you can unite and work together to develop a better future for YingRui.
2、 Time of annual meeting
Time of annual meeting: 18:00-21:00 on January 17, 2020
Venue: 3rd floor, Shuyou seafood restaurant, 2558 Xindu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
3、 Participants of the annual meeting
All employees of the company
4、 Annual meeting process and arrangement
18:00 At the beginning of the annual meeting, the general manager made a speech and sent a congratulatory message to all the staff for their hard work in the past year. Let's drink together, wish you a happy new year, and wish our company a prosperous new year.
18: 10 the general manager presents the annual excellent employee award, and the excellent employees come to the stage to receive the award and deliver the award speech.
18:30 Leaders and colleagues of the company toasted at each table, exchanged and communicated with each other, and drew closer to each other.
18: 30 departments display talent performance. The lucky draw is interspersed in the middle. The general manager will draw 3 third prizes, 2 second prizes, 1 first prize and 1 lucky super prize.
20:00 At the end of the dinner, the general manager invited all the staff to raise their glasses and wish the company a bright future. I wish all employees a happy new year and a happy family!
21:00 all the staff took a group photo and the annual meeting ended successfully!

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